I really believe “design blindness” is a true thing. After years of working with a very varied clientele I really do think that some people suffer from it. Simply put, they just want their content put on a page / brochure / website / presentation and can’t see the need to present it or their brand and in a way that is clearly communicated to their intended audience. This leads to poor executions that don’t accomplish what they are trying to do or communicate the information but don’t inspire confidence in whatever product or service the are trying to promote.

The flip side of this is a client who understands the power of branding and the importance of telling their story clearly and free of superfluous clutter. They know good design and appreciate. They understand design thinking.

Fortunately, I’ve had opportunities to help clients surpass their design blindness. These individuals have allowed me to help them through understanding how to clearly communicate their point of view, their story. For some, design blindness can fortunately be temporary.

Design blindness can be overcome if you allow it.