The Great Smokey Mountains
The Great Smokey Mountains

If you do a web search on nature or landscape photography you’ll find a dozen amazing articles on the subject. Usually their advice goes along with having the right lenses, a steady tripod and being out shooting at the right time. All very true, but not always possible.  The point of this post is to give you the simplest tips you’ll need to be successful at it.

Here we go:

1) Anything can be a tripod. 
A tree, a rock, a lost anything you can brace you camera against will work. Sometimes there;s really nothing around so you have to make yourself the tripod. Not one explains this better the Joe McNally so here’s a link to it.

2) Don’t have a fast lens? Don’t worry.
If your shooting a nature scene with a subject  like a tree or animal, extend you lend to it longest position. This will allow the scene to flattened out and give you a shallower more pleasing depth of field. If your shooting a landscape, go wide and choose the an aperture that will capture the detail of the scene without having the shutter speed go so low that you can’t hand hold it. If it does see tip number 1.

3) If the light’s not perfect shoot anyway.
Yes I know its ALL about the light but sometimes you are at a location for a few minutes you the subject you’re trying to shoot will be running away from you in no time. Just shoot it. The worst that can happen is that you get a shoot you really are very keen on, which you can delete and just try again.

4) Cloudy or a warm color balance goes a long way to setting the tone in nature images.
Try it. You might like it. The same is true will cool color balance. Experiment with each scene and see what you like.

That’s it. All the images in this gallery were shot using the tips above. I had very little time to shoot and was working with an all-in-one zoom to wide lens. I hope they help and have fun shooting!

If you find this helpful, please let me know and I’ll write more posts related to it. Photography is usually one of the topics I’m usually writing, tweeting or posting about.

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