eMarge Americas center stage

If you haven’t been able to attend this amazing technology event last two years, eMerge Americas’ is a sight to be seen. Technology galore can be found of every type and flavor with definite standouts in the crowd. To me attending the event was like being a kid that’s let loose in a toy store. While I wish I could have attended every summit and spoken to every vendor, there’s only so much time in the day, so here are my highlights and standouts from my two days at eMerge Americas.







Medical Technology

Surgical Robot

Both Baptist Health and the University of Miami were both there showing off the latest technology in surgical robots. These multi arm technological wonders have to be witness first hand to be truly appreciating it. From an explanation I was given surgeons first practice on synthetic fibers followed by organic tissue – the training process takes months. U of M switched out their robot display for a presentation of their Guardrails prevention and performance program followed by a quick but surprisingly detailed health assessment.


Drone Technology

drone flying wing

HUD Camera on drone

Aside from the multi-rotor drones that we have come to know, there were at least two companies that had flying wing type drones that were said to fly at speeds reaching 80 miles an hour with A range of up to 80 miles! These drones can be piloted using virtual reality goggles to have a first-person flight view. I have a strange feeling that the FAA will have to chime in on these sooner rather than later.


Cyber Security

Cyber security caera image

I lost count at the amount of vendors that were there touting the latest in face recognition and multi-camera security technology. The fact there are system that in an instant that can recognize me in an instant as an adult male, who is paying attention to the camera or is smiling is very big brother-ish. I believe this technology is reaching a teetering point in the balance between security and privacy.


3D Printing

3D Printer

3d printed objectThe fact that we can now print 3D objects on demand is amazing to me and seeing it firsthand was wonderful. The limit is only your imagination as to what can be printed with these amazing devices. Recently NASA emailed a tool to the international space station, which was then printed aboard.


Programmatic Digital Media Buying

I attended many great summits, but this one struck a chord, as it is the latest and greatest (?) way to buy digital media. The speakers did an amazing job at clarifying a complex and fairly new process in digital marketing.


Student built and run robotics

These students were utterly amazing in their skill at building and running their robots. With all the advancements we’ve seen in robotics technology, such as the Mars rover, I can’t wait to see what they come up with in the next generation of robotics advancements.


Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra

I won’t do him the injustice to paraphrase his summit appearance, but suffice it to say that, he has the ability to take extremely complex subjects such as the current state of medical technology, quantum mechanics, the latest thoughts on where and what your soul is, combine them and explain them to you in a way that makes perfect sense without delving into any religious dogma. Deepak was truly inspiring.

I can’t wait to see what is in store for us in eMerge Americas 2016. How was your experience at the event?