Miami Beach is synonymous with crowds frolicking on the beach by day and clubbing into the night. Hotels on the beach are known for their outrageous nightlife, over-the-top restaurants and celebrity-filled hustle and bustle. But how about a little serenity and spa time on the beach? Enter the Croydon Rose, Spa & Apothecary.

I discovered the Croydon Rose, Spa & Apothecary while looking into spa day options on the beach for my wife and Myself, and trust me, there are plenty of options on the beach for your spa day, as long as you’re not looking at pricing. What I found different with them initially was the level of attention and service I received just from my inquiry. It piqued my curiosity so we went with it.


The Croydon Hotel itself is off the beaten path of the usual hotels on the beach, meaning its not on the actual water. This makes it a bit quieter than most of the beach side hotels, and for the record, this is not a negative. Want to talk a dip in ocean? Cross the street and your there! It is boutique in size with stunning deco modern design. The hotel boasts all the amenities you’d expect packaged in serene luxury.  The staff is at attention and very friendly. I think a couple of night’s stay is in order the next time around.

What we found at the Croydon Rose, Spa & Apothecary was the perfect balance (pun intended) between great service and great price. The spa itself is a scene of tranquility and service, down to it’s director, Annette Figuredo, who greets you with a smile and the offer of wine or water to hydrate. It is not a large space, matching the coziness of the hotel, but they do an amazing job with it and offer a variety of services from healing massages to afternoon Yoga to evening Aromatherapy.


The massage rooms are very well laid out and very clean and comfortable; the serene decor is matched here as well. We went with a couples custom massage package which was absolutely wonderful. The message therapists were consummate professionals and set a perfect mood for the relaxing massages we received.



Afterwards, we were invited to enjoy the rest of the hotel’s amenities. We ended up spending most of the day lounging around between the pool area and the rooftop deck, taking time to visit the on-premises restaurant and bar as well. We loved every minute of it.


If you’re looking for somewhere a bit different to enjoy a spa getaway day at the beach, the Croydon Rose, Spa & Apothecary is serene luxury with an inidivilized level of service that makes it the perfect combination. It does not disappoint.


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